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We are known as one of the top leading companies serving their clients with its essential services. We prioritize our customer’s satisfaction by helping them in their challenging time. If you are facing some damage through a storm, you can contact us at any time, we make our availability 24/7 to resolve your problems appropriately. Also, you can repair or install a roof by availing of our roofing service. We help our clients to get their insurance by providing them our insurance claims facilities and also offer many more valuable services. 

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Introducing Gabriel Antillon of Fix, Hold & Flip

After the 2008 market meltdown, I stopped dealing with issues which distract me, and started seeking any type of employment. I observed that the only activity keeping people engaged was building. As I began to study, I decided to travel from Dallas, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana to assist with the Katrina storm. I arrived there by car and began working for myself. I gained a lot of knowledge about building and restoration. I handled all of the storm-related insurance claims. When I earned $400,000 in my first month, I saw an opportunity.

I returned to Dallas Texas after serving our clients for about three years with my insurance claim facilities. I began performing some flips in Dallas when I noticed that business was slowing down in Louisiana. I worked my way up to $1,000,000 worth of flips, starting with $60,000 on a modest home flip. After performing numerous flips and projects for clients as a contractor, I began concentrating on the business aspect of it. began operating restaurants and retail establishments for profit. I've been concentrating on building high towers and hotels lately.